Clever Liar

Clever Liar
by Becky Johnson • Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 at 11:19 AM
Santa Cruz, CA.

JONATHON SHOCKLEY WRITES: "The latest wave of the conflict in Gaza([search]) started on June 24, when Israeli forces kidnapped two Gaza civilians, the Muammar brothers ..."

"The next day, June 25, Israeli Cpl. Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian fighters, which led to a sharp escalation of Israeli attacks in Gaza, and a huge outcry in the corporate media."

BECKY: Shockley is a clever liar. Note how he juxtaposes the ARREST of the Muammar brothers THE DAY BEFORE as though it were the provocation for the attack by Hamas the following day. Here is why we all know Shockley is a liar (well not Sheepdog):

Hamas dug a tunnel a quarter of a mile long to come up on the Israeli side of the fence. This tunnel HAD to have been dug for weeks or even months prior to the attack. In that attack in sovereign pre-1967 Israeli territory, 2 IDF soldiers were killed, 4 more injured, and 19 yr-old Corporal Galid Shalit was captured/kidnapped and is STILL being held for ransom--entirely in violation of International law.

Furthermore Shockley inflates the number of Palestinians being held in Israeli jails (7,000 NOT 10,000)

According to George Joffee, from the Center of International Studies at Cambridge University who specializes in the Middle East and North Africa, 7,000 Palestinian prisoners are held by Israel([search]) NOT 10,000.

"The attack on the Israeli army patrol at Camp([search]) Shalom in the south of Israel, some three weeks ago that resulted in the capture of another Israeli soldier was a quite separate operation but very much reflected the same concern, because the Palestinians have demanded the release of women and children from amongst the 7,000 prisoners being held by the Israel." ---George Joffee

found at:
(an interview on Free Radio Santa Cruz by George Cadman on 07-15-2006)

BECKY: That's 0.29% of the Palestinian population (based on 2.4 million instead of 3.8 million claimed by the PA) is behind bars in Israel. Most have been convicted of crimes, including the "children" who are mostly teenage boys. Israel has every right to imprison criminals under existing agreements signed with the PA in the Oslo Accords. There is no human rights abuse issue here.

Nor does Israel torture prisoners. The Israeli Supreme Court outlawed torture in 1999, 7 years before the USA did.

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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