Beyond Laughable...

That's the stupidest thing I've heard in years: It does NOT surprise me that you silly, intellectually vacuuous children get your philosophy of government from John Lennon. Now I've heard it all.

Btw, if there were no laws or moral authority, every weak and powerless individual would be at the mercy of any of society's sociopaths...

Come to think of it, since you commies ARE sociopaths, maybe you fantasize that you'd be top dog, instead of living in a hovel on Cherokee([search]) St. without adequate sanitation or gainful employment.


Re: Beyond Laughable...

With true anarchy, liberated from the repression of laws and moral authority, nobody would have to worry about being at the mercy of sociopaths, because those distinctions would not exist. And certainly violence from so-called "sociopaths" would not happen. The repressive system foists pejoratives like "sociopathic" and "crazy" to control us peoples.

Re: Beyond Laughable...

Anarchy is NOT a philosophy "of government." It is a philosophy that rejects governance (really, repression), by any institution or sets of ethos, governmental or not. This is why The System had to have John Lennon assassinated.

Re: Re: Beyond Laughable...

John Lennon made millions with his music thanks to the Capitalist System. Isn't it then just a little hypocritical of a guy like Lennon singing something like "Imagine no possessions..."? Maybe I'm wrong and he worked for free and gave away his albums and lived in a cardboard shack. Chapman's pointless murder of Lennon sounds more like a random act of anarchy than an assassination by the "System". Do you actually believe anyone in power saw Lennon's philosophy as a threat?
Someone seriously looking to John Lennon for philosophical guidance sounds as absurd as Hugh Hefner asking John Lennon for advice in picking attractive women for Playboy magazine.


The ends justify the means. It's ok if John Lennon makes money because he used it to heighten awareness and expose the truth about the repressive system like CCC, like anything we might do that would be slandered by the repressive system like CCC is ok because it's a means to the end of Nutopia.

Too Much Beatles

Evil Roy Slade: There are a lot of people in this world who assign too much significance to music and songs. The general tone in here seems to be that Lennon's "Imagine" is a serious treatise or worldview, when, as you said, Lennon himself made millions off that song and others, converting that money into "possessions" that his song purports shouldn't exist.

Usually, assigning too much meaning to music is indicative of hallucinogenic drug use, LSD, and/or weed.

Another group of people who wrote too much into Beatles music, the irony being that this group was on the far extreme opposite end of the political spectrum from these anarchists, was the Manson Cult, the Helter Skelter crimes. Though I should say when you get too extreme on either end of the spectrum, you loop back around to the other side.

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