Re: Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

Funny, I was there and I don't remember it happening this way. I am 19 years old and my father is Gordon Lee Baum. I pulled up in my car with my little sister just as this mob of "Anarchists" came walking up the street (I was in the black Mustang if any of you little snots are reading this). First of all we are not Nazis. That is ridiculous. There are Jews in the CofCC, I have friends that are Jewish, my dad has close friends that are Jewish, one man there has KIDS that are Jewish. So calling us Nazis is RIDICULOUS! Not only are there Jews in the CofCC, there is every other race you can think of. I am part American Indian... do you think my dad hates me? Anyway, back to the fight. So, I pull up as they are coming into the parking lot. I see them in their black outfits, masks, bullhorns, hockey sticks, and other various weapons. I park and get out of my car, look towards the pavilion, and I see my MOM being pushed to the ground. My mom is 5'0" tall, 55 years old, oh yeah and a woman and these assholes are pushing her down. They had stormed a pavilion full of old people (yes old as in 90, i.e. look at the picture above), knocked over a table, and stormed into them like they were demons out of hell. If you saw your mom being pushed down by a bunch of nutty "have no life" fruits you'd get pissed... just like me. I ran up there to see these kids pushing around old people and hitting people with hockey sticks. So I jumped in and started to beat the living shit out of them. I was in high heels, am also 5' tall like my mom and only weigh 100 pounds, but if I see someone hurting my family they will regret messing with me. Just like these assholes did. They RAN. Like COWARDS. According to this article my dad started the brawl. HAHAHAHA you have to be kidding. Whoever wrote this should've checked up on their facts. My dad is 66 years old, has diabetes, has had lung cancer, heart surgery, oh yeah AND IS BLIND. Yeah I'm sure he started the whole thing. Dumbasses. Regardless though, my dad did approach one kid. About 20, 6' tall, kinda lanky that was with this bunch of nuts, and asked him why they had come and done this. You know what the kid did? Begged me and my dad not to hit him. He begged a blind old man and a little girl not to hit him. We hadn't touched him, he was just a COWARD. They did not kick our asses. Far from it. They were the ones who got scared and ran. They started something they couldn't finish. I guess they'll think twice before trying to kick some more senior citizens asses. What it boils down to it this. Those kids don't know what they are talking about. They write up some clever signs like "Fuck You" and yel Nazi and think they sound intelligent. You don't. You're the type of trash the world needs to get rid of. Oh yeah, and the "innocent bystander" the cops arrested? Yeah, they caught him because one of the neighbors, not even with the CofCC, saw him running and through off his mask. This whole article is lies. The police know the truth. It will come out. Don't worry. One more thing: Anarchy is the lamest philosophical idea anyone has ever come up with, if you can even call it that. It would never work, everyone knows that. And anyway if they are anarchists why should they care about what we think anyway since they are all into having no rules and blah blah blah? Cuz they're losers who REALLY need to get a life and go join the Army. Maybe then they'll get shipped to Iraq and step on a landmine. Ha, that'd be funny. See ya!


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The trouble with "anarchy" as these folks promote it is that it always leads to tyranny, which would seem to contradict their "anarchist" intentions.

However, when these people say "anarchy," they don't mean it in the sense of governmental power and involvement into the lives of its country's citizens and guests. They mean "anarchy" in the sense that they want to be liberated from the "oppression" of non-governmental authority (i.e. religion, common decency, ethics, etc.)

An "anarchist" would have a bumper sticker that reads, "Question Authority." Right wingers would have a bumper sticker that reads "Question Authorities." Authority vs.'s a very important distinction that begs a great difference.

Re: Re: Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

Laura Leigh is my new hero!

Re: Re: Re: Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

She has a Mustang, so I'd like to get her one of those "Question Authorities" bumper stickers spoken of above for her 'Stang.

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