re the iran-syria spin

The Israeli military also said the raid was launched "to prevent and interfere with terror activity against Israel([search]), especially the smuggling of arms from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah."

the other day, anthony cordesman published a lengthy working draft of his study on the 33-day attack on lebanon([search]) after a paid trip to israel. the piece gets a good dissection by helena cobban here
Cordesman on Iran-Hizbullah 'link'
but the important point to draw from his special access inside israel is his statement that

"One key point that should be mentioned more in passing than as a lesson, although it may be a warning about conspiracy theories, is that no serving Israeli official, intelligence officer, or other military officer felt that the Hezbollah acted under the direction of Iran or Syria."

so now maybe we can focus on the latest missile shipments going from the u.s. to the idf. there's nothing even remotely covert about it either. no smuggling, just delivering the goods. now is anyone suggesting that the lebanese army has the right to launch a raid across the border to prevent these arms transfers? why not?

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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