Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?

We all know that the capturing of Israel([search]) soldiers was a pretext for Israel. Captured soldiers have been used in prisoner exchanges in the past, in all wars, in a multitude of countries. Israel enacted a year-long plan, with the help of the US, to destroy Hizboallah, rape Lebanon([search]) and humiliate the Arab/Muslim world. They ofcourse, failed miserably in 2/3 of those. They did manage to rape Lebanon and they did it with the consent of the US and Britain and the rest of the leaders of the world who stood by as cowards. Israel's military might can defeat any army in the middle east, but that era has come to an end. Israel taught a valuable lesson to everyone...armed resistance is key. Hizboallah are heros and their legacy will be celebrated for centuries. They defended their homes, their people and stood up to the most well-trained and well-equipped colonizers in the world.


What they are chanting in Arabic

At this link you will find three videos of the recent anti-Israel([search]) rallies in San Francisco. It keeps getting deleted since they don't want you to know what they are saying in Arabic. If the editors delete this , assume that that don't want you to know whats really being said out there.

Re: Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?

No, no really, Hezbollah would never do anything like that. The Peace activists from hezbollah were bsuy on THEIR SIDE of the border, handing out candy to children and helping little old shia muslimahs cross the street, when ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! WHAM!!!!!
Brutal Isra-ay-lees forces attacked Lebanon([search]). With them they had three soldiers tied up. They said to the hezbollah peace activists : "Take our soldiers, please"
Hezbollah first said "No thanks" (in arabic) but the brutal isra-ay-lee occupation forces had GUNS so the hezbollah peace activists said: "OK" (in arabic) The Hezbollah peace activists decided to leave one of the isra-ay-lee soldiers behind, kind of like a peaceful protest. Saying (in arabic) "Who are those Isra-ay-lees to think they can tell us how many to kidnap?"
The Isra-ay-lees then fled back to their side of the border and called the UN to tell on hezbollah: "Hello, UN?" "This is Sargeant Henny Youngman of the IDF Brutal Forces of Occupation" "The Hezbollah is being bad."



(FAX/SEND copy to (The MASONIC!) QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Britain/her Security Services).
KNESSET MEMBERS - (Grand Lodge of the State of Israel([search])!)
(Individual Masonic files are open and public.)
Copies to international parties.
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1.  Freemasonry's H.Q. is at 96 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland - builders of the U.S. White House - e.g. BUSH-BLAIR-BROWN-ROTHSCHILD. (Watch the 'traditional handshakes' as they tour the world!)
2.  THE KNESSET (Masonic Lodge) was specifically designed, funded and built, by ROTHSCHILD.
3.  ADOLF HITLER was a ROTHSCHILD offshoot:
4.  Join the globally/strategically placed black dots and the picture emerges!!!
(International security analysis/support has been verified.)
VERIFIABLY Satanic is the World War 3 agenda of the UK's Mountbatten-Windsor Royal Family and Harvard 2nd generation Nazi 'Bonesmen'.
Details, via the copywritten DAYS OF ELIJAH book and film scripts, from:

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