another major explanation

lebanon also is/was an economic threat to israel([search]) (banking, tourism, transportation). the only real competition it faces/d in the region. thus one of the goals for israel is to destroy lebanon([search])'s thriving economy (again), as evidenced by the immediate shelling of infrastructure targets (airport, power stations, etc…).

article pointing out how the large investors, arab & anglo, either have already pulled out of lebanon or are in the process of such
Les investisseurs arabes quittent le Liban

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also factor in impact of environmental devestation of the beaches from oil spill on future tourism.


Re: another major explanation

Interesting point. Israel([search]) bombed the oil resevers of Lebanon([search]), which reside close to the coast (with beautiful beaches, reefs, etc.). Israel also bombed the fortresses built to keep any leaks from the oil reserves from finding access to the coast. The obvioous conclusion is that the objective was not only destroying the feul supply, but destroy lebanon's beaches and reefs, which are now covered in oil.

In addition, Israel's navy blockade is preventing any international cleanup crews from reaching the devastated sites, which have been described as bad (if not worse) than the Exxon Valdez spill.

Re: another major explanation

Unfortunately, Israel([search]) may have shot itself in the foot (as usual), since the environmental impact will certainly drift along the Medittarean and affect Israel, along with nations such as cyprus, Greece, etc.

here it comes

ha'aretzOily substance of unknown source contaminating beaches in south
A wide stretch of the southern beaches of Israel([search]) has been contaminated in the last few days by an oily substance of an unknown source.

The contamination began several days ago and extends from the Zikim area to the Ashdod area.

A number of bathers in the area say that the substance has a foul odor and a few of them have even reported a burning sensation following contact with the substance.

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