Looting on Cherokee, can anyone confirm?

People on St. Louis Coptalk([search]) are reporting looting occured Wednesday night on Cherokee([search]).
Re: Francis is critical
Posted by ml on 7/21/2006, 12:38 pm
Does anyone find it totally silly to call out the National Guard--not for cleanup, not for body searches, not to contain looting--but to go door-to-door to do the job that neighbors should be doing for each other. And speaking of looting, didn't anyone tell Francis what went on Wed night on Cherokee Street as soon as it was evident the power was out?
Re: Francis is critical
Posted by x on 7/21/2006, 12:49 pm
I believe the "shopping" that went on on Cherokee Street post-storm was considered by some to be a "No Light Special." "Attention, Five-Finger Discount Shoppers... Cherokee Street is without electrical power which will include any business protection alarms. Local law enforcement will be detained with other issues. Please avail yourselves of any need to acquire anything from any of our fine establishments. Thank you for taking advantage of the situation against people who continue to bring business to your neighborhood. Have a pleasant evening and happy shopping!"

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