Re: Southern Poverty Law Ctr Rpt: Racist extremists active in U.S. military

chicago sun-times: Gangs claim their turf in Iraq
The Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings and Vice Lords were born decades ago in Chicago's most violent neighborhoods. Now, their gang graffiti is showing up 6,400 miles away in one of the world's most dangerous neighborhoods — Iraq.

Armored vehicles, concrete barricades and bathroom walls all have served as canvasses for their spray-painted gang art. At Camp([search]) Cedar II, about 185 miles southeast of Baghdad, a guard shack was recently defaced with "GDN" for Gangster Disciple Nation, along with the gang's six-pointed star and the word "Chitown," a soldier who photographed it said.

The graffiti, captured on film by an Army Reservist and provided to the Chicago Sun-Times, highlights increasing gang activity in the Army in the United States and overseas, some experts say.

again, these type of reports, by focusing on segments of the population typically considered socially unacceptable, conveniently avoid mentioning the context of what the military is about and what it does. are gang members or skinheads responsible for setting up and running abu ghraib? are they responsible for planning and executing the devestation of fallujah? for gunning down families at checkpoints? for deploying clusterbombs & daisycutters? of course not. the threat they pose is that of unraveling the image the military has constructed. or, that is, unveiling the image the general population has accepted of the military. it's telling that a prominent quote in those articles i linked to earlier centers on not wanting parents to also have to worry about their kids serving next to 'undesireables'. ha. so it's okay to serve in an institution organized around killing and destablizing cultures, but, good lord, don't want billy or suzie associating w/ latino 'bangers or aryan wackos! and then there's the risk they present to those who serve law & order back home when they return to their communities. lil' johnny whitefella, who shoots children at checkpoints or patrols villages, will make a good security guard at 711 or whatever, but gangbanger's will take the fight to authority when they get back to the hood. so much for the rhetoric of fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here, eh?


Re: Re: Southern Poverty Law Ctr Rpt: Racist extremists active in U.S. military

I know you hate that the US Military is America's most trusted instituton as defined in a recent Gallup Poll (source:, May 2006). The military garnered 74% of the vote ahead of religous groups, educators, police, lawyers (real lawyers, not those who play a lawyer on independent media sites), political groups, etc. Your minority view that our organization is centred around "killing and destabilizing cultures" is just mere kindergarten banter from an extremist ... an extremist who cannot fathom the cost or realities of war. I know, I know, let's all hold hands, sing Cumbaya, and poke our heads in the sand. And when things really get bad, let's hold a get together to protest urban sprawl and collect canned goods for whinos, drug addicts, and general wards of the state.

I know you hate actual first hand facts, but here it is anyway. Camp([search]) Cedar II is a major refueling and logistics base just oustide An Nasariyah. It's home to about 2500 people of which only 400-500 are military. The vast majority are US, British, Pakistani, Iraqi, and Kuwaitee civilian contractors. Most Coalition military forces are just 7 miles down the road at Tallil AB. Any gang bangin' pics there? And even if there are, who really cares?

I love it when you throw around general meaningless statements like "gunning down families at checkpoints" as a ralying cry for your antiwar effort which is hanging on by life support. I don't see any mention about W's lies concerning WMD. Oh wait, that's because WMD has been found. So much far your previous rallying cry, eh?

And now you'll tear down the mighty military machine and their commander in chief with posts about gang art. Wow, that's pretty weak .. even for you and your historically weak postings.

Cumbaya, my Lord. Cumbaya....

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