Just more Palestinian Tall Tales

The hyperbole that the Palestinians and their apologists spew as if it were true, never fails to amaze me with each new growth spurt of tall tale telling.

It is beyond arrogant to compare the endless war waged by the Palestinian Arabs and their supporters to "The extermination of the Native Americans.” Without an actual tragedy of that magnitude of their own, they have begun to appropriate the tragedies of others such as the Native Americans and Black South Africans. Rather than a “systematic continuity of Israel([search])'s 52-year oppression and maltreatment of the Palestinians” history tells of the Palestinian Arabs and their supporters starting wars against Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 1973 as well as two “Intifadas”. He Arab/Israeli conflict has been in the headlines at least weekly since the Arabs rejected compromise and the partition plan in 1947. It has hardly been “virtually unmentionable, a narrative that has no permission to appear." To say that would be an outrageous mischaracterization of the truth and typical Palestinian hyperbole. A careful reading of this specious article reveals that the “Israeli crimes are simply the reasonable reactions of any state to an endless campaign of terror and blood shed waged against the civilian population of Israel by the Palestinians. To demand that Israel not defend itself is beyond anything ever demanded of any country.

Its is further beyond arrogant for the Palestinians to always place themselves and their issues foremost in the world’s priorities to say nothing of claiming, “ Few people anywhere have suffered more or longer than the beleaguered Palestinians.” Does that mean that the Palestinians place themselves higher in the hierarchy of suffering than the Tutsis, Bosnians, Darfurians, Chinsese, N. Koreans, etc? In Darfur, there are three quarters of a million people beyond humanitarian reach, 2.5 million people displaced by the violence, 385,000 people in immediate risk of starvation, and over two million dead in 22 years of violence and deprivation. In China, a billion Chinese without civil and political rights. 13 million women in Saudi Arabia are legally required to hide from sight in public places and are forbidden to drive an automobile. 23 million people live under dire human rights conditions North Korea. That’s simply arrogant beyond reason.

The article fails to mention many of the truly important facts that have occurred since the era since the Six Day War, when Israel found itself in possession of the formerly Egyptian and Jordanian Territories as the result of a defensive war. In that time, Israel has built health, educational, water and electric facilities. Interestingly enough between 1948-1967, the then “Occupiers” Jordan and Egypt, did none of these things while brutally repressing dissent. There was no call for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state during all of that time. Not quite so “harsh and unending Israeli occupation of their land.” unless it’s a pitch for better public relations.

The Palestinians and their supporters seem to enjoy perpetuating stories of fake Israeli atrocities. For example after it was revealed that it was not an Israeli shell that killed Palestinian civilians o a beach in Gaza([search]), they continue to tell unsupported tall tales about mysterious “forensic evidence clearly proving otherwise” that has never been revealed to a trustworthy source. The article even goes on to recite the tale of the now discredited “Jenin Massacre”(the massacre that never was”) that even the Palestinian Authority has disclaimed.

As a gesture of good faith and a move towards a final resolution as was contemplated in the Oslo Accords, Israel withdrew 8,500 of its citizens, many of whom had bee n thee for over a generation, from Gaza. In response, Israel has received endless terror and rocket attacks from the Palestinians. It is ridiculous to assert that “ Gaza continued to be under de facto occupation”when there are no Israelis there. Gaza is not “sealed off”as “one of the world's two largest open air prisons” when of course there are crossings into Egypt. That’s just more nonsense that gets repeated in the mainstream media.

While the article notes that Israel has destroyed the main water pipe and knocked out Gaza’s electricity generation plant”, it fails to mention that Israel built these facilities and that the Palestinian Authority has NEVER paid for its electricity or water, despite their agreement to the contrary. Pretty arrogant to both demand water and electricity from the side that you have declared war against and then demand that it be provided for free forever.

At the same time as Hams officials are carting suitcases full of cash ($100 million was given yesterday from Saudi Arabia) in order to buy illegal weapons, the Palestinians once again “cry wolf” and whine Israeli actions in response to their terror attacks might (but just “might”) “increase the likelihood of a growing humanitarian crisis.” Well then, return the hostage, end terror attacks and stop the rockets. The Palestinians hold and have always held the key to their own crisis.

Similarly, while the Palestinians complain that Israel has arrested and holds 9,000 Palestinians, they fail to mention what crimes these supposed “civilians” were caught committing, including the murder of children. Our article leaps to unjustified legal conclusions that are unsupported by the application of actual law to actual facts. For example, under the Geneva Convention, if a combatant removes their uniform, it doesn’t mean that they are n’t legitimate military targets and isn’t “illegal under international law” as the Palestinians and their supporters like to assert. It is simply not a correct statement of law to assert that,”All these actions are further illegal collective punishment reprisals against Palestinian civilians as are Israeli threats to extra-judicially assassinate Hamas leaders” its just more Palestinian tall tales. The article also fails to acknowledge that the current Palestinian government, Hamas is on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.

Why do the Palestinians and their apologists spew endless tall tales and hyperbole as if it were true? It is because the actual truth isn’t on their side and they think that you don’t know the difference. If you are tired of being treated like an ignorant idiot by the Palestinians and their supporters, read up on the topic ( William Ziff,”Rape of Palestine([search])” etc) and then don’t let them fool you again.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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