Re: Invitation to Cherokee Street vision association, Tues 6/6

I grew up in St Louis City. My mother grew up in this St Louis City.
I was "gentrified" out of the house that I grew up in. I couldn't even afford to buy the house from my parents.
There are a lot of you who complain about getrification who probably grew up in the county and moved into the city so you are part of the gentrification([search]) issue. Not saying that you should move away but just watch where you point your finger.
Some of the best years of my life were spent on the late 80s Delmar Loop. Delmar was amazing then. The rent was cheap. It was relatively safe. Everyone had fun. It would be great if Cherokee([search]) became that. It would suck if Cherokee becomes what Delmar is today.
A former Cherokee resident came in the other day and made a great point. If you are worried about the gentrification, why don't you work to get rent control?
What Lyndsey did was productive. She got that meeting together in a week. It was the first meeting that I've been to on Cherokee that ended on a positive note. If you are a "resident and business owner on Cherokee" who didn't receive an invite, you should let Lyndsey know who you are and you can help remedy the situation for future meetings.
If you are sitting anonymously at a computer bashing something cool that someone else did, maybe you should take a look at what you are doing.

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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