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the Israel lobby is MUCH more than AIPAC !

As Jeffrey Blankfort points out:

"It is important to note that the Israel([search]) lobby is MUCH more than AIPAC."

For more on AIPAC and the rest of the Israel lobby see an interesting interview (transcript) with Jeffrey Blankfort:

Also see (in the box) "Who Makes up the Lobby?":

And there Blankfort didn't even yet mention JINSA (the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs), a little known neo-con think tank.

"JINSA's actual origins are as murky as the activities it carries out, but the organization that [Richard] Perle established together with Max Kampelman, "an arms control negotiator whose old law firm is a U.S. agent for Israeli government military interests," was the precursor of the more well-known Project for a New American Century [PNAC] and the well from which has emerged the collection of Jewish neo-cons and their fellow travelers, whose signatures and thumb prints are all over America's current adventure in Iraq, as well as its threats against Syria and Iran. ...Other than the Wall Street Journal article in 1992, JINSA's existence was virtually unknown even to the political left until an article by Jason Vest appeared in the Nation in September, 2002."


We see what happens to two prominent establishment professors, from Harvard and the University of Chicago, for daring to study the Israel lobby. I wonder what would happen to the people at "Lobby Watch" (which normally deals with _corporate_ lobbies, _trade_ associations, and lobbies concerned with financial issues) if they did.


or just google aipac + blankfort

or "israel lobby" + blankfort

for much more information

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