a revision of a vision

"Artists Businessfolk Visioneers Activists Historian storytellers Who Care about the Life (gentrification([search])) of the street"

Who Have an Invested Interest in making This Place Fun Safe (to whom?) Attractive (whose aesthetics?) Home for everyone who believe to do it best we have to do it together (compromise and negotiation)

An experiment (gentrification isn't an experiment, it's been tried and tested a million times over) toward a Cherokee([search]) Street vision association

You are invited to bring
Your piece (I'm sure no one is actually allowed to bring "their piece")
Your peace (as in the "peace" of a graveyard)

We have each had ideas that caused our projects and businesses to birth (yea capitalism!)
Here on purpose
We have each faced colorful stories of illogical-logistical (sliding more to the illogical side) resistance in the process
In this city
We have inklings of how we could make this place interesting & inclusive (to capital & people from the county)
Efficiently (as any holocaust)
Creatively (holocaust with a smile!)

By becoming familiar with faces (bring your I.D. people, we need to start making files here)
By telling our stories
By taking notes on shared struggles (& struggle-instigators) {like we said, we need to start making files here} and strategizing together
By pooling our resources and building new relationships

We will be effective in developing a unified voice toward designing our neighborhood in innovative
and sustainable ways that protect our distinctive diversity and allow it to flourish in surprisingly
powerful ways.

Time to skip past spliced business districts that prevent unity and the dull red tape that saps time
and energy. Time to unite & take charge, and to have fun doing it. We’re all already here!

Come ready to share a spoken snapshot of your experience, frustration, and/or hopes for the street,
and to brainstorm where we might begin to activate our intention. (I'm afraid to know what your intentions actually are)

This list is compiled from various conversations and suggestions towards interested parties– (very interested parties)
feel free to invite anyone with similar priorities of inclusion and sustainability (of the current order) in considering the
question of rehabilitation.

Looking forward! (progress WORKS people!)

XO, Lyndsey Scott & the Acknowledge Project

Any questions? email lyndseyscott (at)

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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