Re: What Is AERO CONTRACTORS? Here's the rundown.


The author only speculates that covert flights involve rendition. Aircraft flown to terror hot spots could be transporting CT investigation teams as easily as a prisioner. There is no proof offered that the flights have anything to do with rendition. Sounds like typical biased leftist blather.


Re: Re: What Is AERO CONTRACTORS? Here's the rundown.

On the contrary, the CIA's rendition flights are rather well documented, at least for what's supposed to be a covert operation, hidden from public scrutiny. Do you really expect the CIA or anyone who tasks them to explain in detail that they are flying suspected militants around the world, frequently in violation of local laws wherever they land, to 3rd-party countries with convenient attitudes toward torture?

Sounds like typical, poorly-spelled, right-wing defense of oppression to me.

Re: Re: What Is AERO CONTRACTORS? Here's the rundown.

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