Re: Hysteria on 'crystal meth' prove full of holes and obvious attack on gains

National Merit is based on biased Eurocentric tests which are deliberately rigged to favor rich whites, especially Jews. I consider anyone who claims National Merit as good on the same side as Israel([search]) and the Zionists.

National Merit is based on scoring in the top 1% of the PSAT, doubling the verbal portion and counting only half of the math portion.

The kids who score high on the Verbal PSAT tend to be rich white punks. Rich white people are much more likely to do drugs than poor people or nonwhites, and they're more likely to do "white" drugs such as crystal meth.

A lot of my classmates were National Merit scholars. Most of them were idiots. I was National Merit Commended, but that's not what makes me smart. Rote memorization of obsolete vocabulary has no use in the real world.

The vast majority of crystal meth users aren't penalized because they're rich. The crystal meth addicts are the rich people in the Washington Ave clubs, the same people who get the police to beat homeless people downtown.

It doesn't surprise me one bit that Mike S A) condones the use of meth, and B) uses National Merit as a measure of success and/or superiority.

Meth has dangerous, explosive ingredients. Because Mike likes meth so much, I suppose he has no problem if the meth labs in Jefferson and St. Charles Counties relocate to his gentrified Magnolia, Tower Grove neighborhood?

While millions of innocent Blacks are in jail for "drug" crimes they didn't commit (or if they did, they're in jail for decades for possessing a tiny amount of rather harmless marijuana), the rich whites do much worse drugs (cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, etc) without any punishment.

Most white Wash U students are drug addicts. Everyone knows they're druggies, but you never see the cops raiding Wash U dorms and frat houses. A lot of those punks scored well on standardized tests, and they're idiots.

Most of the druggies (including alcohol and cigarettes) I've encountered are weak, immoral, and despicable. Perhaps some of the good people I know do drugs without me knowing about them. I won't argue that legal alcohol is at least as bad as many of the illegal drugs, but meth is definitely bad. The higher the penalty for crystal meth, the better.

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