Re: Moslems Gone Wild

"and your point is what?"

It's just activists from the Palestinian Peace Movement expressing themselves to end the occupation of Gaza([search])...even though the sacred traditional ancient land is now Judenrein.
Beheading your neighbors is a sure to bring peace to the land.


it does all come down to the issue of land

Sharon 'sees wall as Israel([search])'s new border'


A senior ally of Ariel Sharon has given the most explicit indication yet that the Israeli Prime Minister envisages the 425-mile separation barrier as the border between Israel and a future Palestinian state.

Government spokesmen frequently claim that the barrier was built solely for security reasons and could be removed or rerouted.

But the Justice Minister, Tzipi Livni, who is helping prepare the programme of Mr Sharon's new Kadima party, told a legal conference in Caesarea: "One does not have to be a genius to see that the fence will have implications for the future border. This is not the reason it was built, but it could have political implications."


ms. livni expects you to roll over & continue playing dumb

Jewish settler population seen growing 4.3 percent in 2005


The Jewish population in the West Bank is expected to grow faster than
in any other Israeli district in 2005, to more than 243,000 people, the government reported Thursday.

The settlement population at the end of September was 242,700, up from 235,100 at the end of December 2004, the Central Bureau of Statistics said. If nine-month growth continues at the same rate, then the settler population would expand 4.3 percent for all of 2005, to 243,100, the bureau said.


obviously they don't plan on having any non-jewish "neighbors". they're laying out an awful big lebensraum ...whoops! better make that 'living room'

and let's be very clear about something - a very large factor in why israel has been able to carry on w/ their zealotistic-identity-conflicted-still-feeling-emasculated-boer-state-self is through the financial & rhetorical support of the united states, who have ironically done a complete post-WWII about-face wrt "mainstream" attitudes towards jews & their "whiteness". (see karen brodkin's book how jews became white folks and what that says about race in america). just to rant for a moment - why is it that so many in the western world mourn so hard for only one specific segment of hitler's demented genocides (essentially ignoring the large percentage of gypsies, poles, gays, etc that were also exterminated) yet your average joe couldn't tell you who king leopold II was & the up to 30 million congolese deaths he was directly responsible for? (see for one attempt at establishing a bodycount). or right here in the united states where we live on the bones of one of the largest genocides of all times? it's about time that jewish peoples are treated as equals, but it shouldn't have a damn thing to do w/ skin color to determine whether one can assimilate into the dominator culture or remain subhuman. end rant.

luckily for the israeli people, there are growing numbers of conscientous citizens speaking out against these state attrocities, both at home & abroad. young people are refusing to serve in occupied territories. brothers & sisters are standing alongside their brothers * sisters on the other side of the imaginary boundaries and saying enough is enough.

and luckily for the species, most people want to use the critical apparatus between their ears to make sense of the world around them. unlike our reality-challenged trolls.

Re: Re: Moslems Gone Wild

" Sharon 'sees wall as Israel([search])'s new border'"

Enough pussyfooting. Sharon doesn't have a negotiating partner. His neighbors have sworn to destroy Israel. That's not going to happen.
Arab nations have seen the writing on the WALL. Time for the palestinians to form a nation, if they want one that will include Israel as a neighbor with secure borders.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
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