Moslems Gone Wild: Palestinians Make Progress in Gaza

December 01, 2005
Islamic Jihad Video of Beheaded Israeli in Gaza([search]) Emerges (Images)

Hazem_Palestinian_beheading_1.jpgA video from Palestinian Islamic Jihad of a beheaded Israeli is being distributed on the internet. The video shows a crowd of Palestinians in Gaza, including children, shouting "Allahu akhbar!" (God is great) as a terrorist takes the head out of a bag and holds it up for the cheering crowd. Jihadi music plays in the background and the crowd is visibly ecstatic.

Visual evidence suggest that the victim may have been killed first, and then beheaded later.

This should serve as a reminder that beheading those deemed 'infidels' and 'apostates' has a long tradition in Islamic culture and in Palestine([search]).

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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