The confessions of these soldiers are surprising only because the story has been so tightly concealed by the administration

As a matter of fact, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, ACLU, a physicians group (PHP), the Center for Constitutional Rights and even the army itself have documented sexual abuse of women in US detention centers in Iraq. I have articles from the LA Times, the Guardian (several), the Moscow Times, Il Manifesto, Global Research, Asia Times, Editor and Publisher, the Sunday Herald, Dahr Jamail's website and others. In addition, some of these articles also cover the rape and abuse of children, which has been documented with photographs taken by US soldiers. One twelve year old girl was gang-raped by soldiers in her cell and all other detainees in her area listened. Boys have also been sodomized by soldiers. Children are taken from their parents and housed separately and indefintely. Some of the women, formerly in detention, have been found to have been later killed by family members (honor killings). Seymour Hersch has been speaking about the rape and abuse of women and children on the lecture circuit.

Can any reasonable person really believe that through such methods it is possible to "spread democracy" or combat terrorism? That was never their plan in the first place. Check out the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) website and be amazed.
These are excerpts from some of the articles mentioned above:

The Failed Siege of Fallujah, June 3, 2005, Asia Times, By Dahr Jamail

"There are daily war crimes being committed in Fallujah, even now," said Mohammed Abdulla, the executive director of the Study Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Fallujah (SCHRDF). His organization works within the destruction of Fallujah, trying to monitor the plight of residents, bring them reconstruction aid, and document the war crimes and illegal weapons that were used during the November siege…"There are plenty of women in Fallujah who have testified they were raped by American soldiers," said Abdulla. "They are nearby the Secondary School for Girls inside Fallujah. When people came back to Fallujah the first time they found so many girls who were totally naked and they had been killed."

Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why

By Greg Mitchell, 23rd July 2005

Editor and Publisher

"’The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here. We're not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience,’ Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters after Rumsfeld testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee… In the same period, reporter Seymour Hersh, who helped uncover the scandal, said in a speech before an ACLU convention: “Some of the worse that happened that you don't know about, ok? Videos, there are women there. Some of you may have read they were passing letters, communications out to their men….The women were passing messages saying ‘Please come and kill me, because of what's happened…’

The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. The worst about all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror it's going to come out.?

Iraq’s Child Prisoners, August 25, 2005, Sunday

A Sunday Herald investigation has discovered that coalition forces are holding more than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib. Witnesses claim that the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected to rape and torture, By Neil Mackay

It was early last October that Kasim Mehaddi Hilas says he witnessed the rape of a boy prisoner aged about 15 in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. “The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets,? he said in a statement given to investigators probing prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib. “Then, when I heard the screaming… It’s not certain exactly how many children are being held by coalition forces in Iraq, but a Sunday Herald investigation suggests there are up to 107...

Proof of the widespread arrest and detention of children in Iraq by US and UK forces is contained in an internal Unicef report written in June. The report has – surprisingly – not been made public...

An Iraqi TV reporter Suhaib Badr-Addin al-Baz saw the Abu Ghraib children’s wing when he was arrested by Americans while making a documentary. He spent 74 days in Abu Ghraib. “I saw a camp([search]) for children there,? he said. “Boys, under the age of puberty. There were certainly hundreds of children in this camp.? Al-Baz said he heard a 12-year-old girl crying. Her brother was also held in the jail. One night guards came into her cell. “She was beaten,? said al-Baz. “I heard her call out, ‘They have undressed me. They have poured water over me.’? He says he heard her cries and whimpering daily – this, in turn, caused other prisoners to cry as they listened to her…

Amnesty International is outraged by the detention of children. It is aware of “numerous human rights violations against Iraqi juveniles, including detentions, torture and ill-treatment, and

Iraqi Women Under US Occupation
by Ghali Hassan. 6 May 2005

An eyewitness female detainee at Abu Ghraib, who identified herself as ‘Noor’, told Al-Jazeera that ‘U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison raped women and, in many occasions, forced them to strip naked in public’. She admitted seeing ‘many female detainees got pregnant’. Iraqi lawyer Iman Khamas, of International Occupation Watch Centre, said; "One former detainee had recounted the alleged rape of her cell mate in Abu Ghraib." "[The detainee] had been raped 17 times in one day", said Khamas.

Iraq’s Children: Choir of Despair, US deeply involved in gravest of International War Crimes,

By Ghali Hassan

On all levels – human rights abuse, healthcare, medical, educational, and psychological – the Iraqi children are enduring immense hardship and suffering…

Arlie Hochschield, a professor of Sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, noted in the New York Times on 29 June 2005 that, "… we don't know exactly how many Iraqi children are in American custody" because "age is not a determining factor in [US] detention" practices…

Indeed, with the exception of Seymour Hersh’s investigation in May 2004, crimes of sexual violence, rape and torture by US forces against Iraqi men, women and children continue to be unreported and remain secret from the public…

According to Karen Greenberg, director of the Centre on Law and Security at the New York University School of Law, editor of ‘The Torture Papers’, the U.S. government is guilty of a ‘systematic decision to alter the use of methods of coercion and torture that lay outside of accepted and legal norms?… Furthermore, the majority of the 100,000 Iraqis killed (conservative estimate) by US-British forces were women and children, reported the reputed and peer-reviewed British medical journal, The Lancet in November 2004… Iraq is awash with orphaned and homeless children.

Collective Punishment

Ahmed, a 38 year-old farmer talks with us… “At that camp they hung a sign where we stayed that said, The Zoo,? he explained. He claims that his home and fields were searched and no weapons were found. His ten month detention included witnessing sexual humiliation of prisoners, and regular beatings… “… American soldiers put naked Iraqi women in a cell and then enter the cell,? he explains, “I heard the screams as the soldiers raped the women.?

“The student is gone; the master has arrived.?

This is life in Iraq today… I recently interviewed another detainee from Abu Ghraib. Some of what she told me reminded me of a quote from George Bush at the 2003 RNC Gala. “Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers.? Um Taha was detained for 4 months, she told me that while in Abu Ghraib she knew that many of the women in the prison were being raped… She told of being forced to use a sieve to separate feces from urine in a waste bucket from the latrine in Tikrit where she was held prior to her transfer to Abu Ghraib. Once this job was done, a soldier dumped gas on the feces, lit them, and made her stir them for half an hour…

Darker Purpose, by Chris Floyd, Moscow Times, July 20, 2005

Even as Cheney was chastising Congress, the Bushists were blatantly defying a federal court order to release 87 photographs and four videos of last year's Abu Ghraib mayhem. These depict barbarities that even Pentagon warlord Don Rumsfeld once described as "blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhumane," Editor & Publisher reports. A Republican senator who saw the material spoke of "rape and murder." Bush simply refused to obey the federal court, saying he would provide an explanation for his actions -- in secret -- at some later date. But there is more. Eyewitnesses have said the pictures show the rape and brutal abuse of young teenagers and children. The filmed evidence is corroborated by the Pentagon's own investigators…

Chewing on meaningless words, The battle over the constitution is regarded by most Iraqi women, confined to their homes by the occupation, as an irrelevance

By Haifa Zangana

Wednesday August 17, 2005, The Guardian file:///c:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Pat/My%20Documents/Women%20Undr%20Occuptn%20Iraq.htm

Torture and ill-treatment - even the torture of children in adult facilities - is widespread. The suffering of their sisters in cities showered with napalm, phosphorus and cluster bombs by US jets, the death of an estimated 100,000 Iraqis (half of them women and children), is met with rhetoric about training women for leadership and democracy…

Documents released in March by the American Civil Liberties Union highlight more than a dozen cases of rape and abuse of female detainees, and reveal that no action was taken against any soldier or civilian official as a result - and that US troops have destroyed evidence, to avoid a repetition of last year's Abu Ghraib scandal…

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