Re: US Soldiers in St. Louis Admit to Rape and Murder in Iraq

My husband (USAF) was stationed in Germany during the 1980s. I worked as a civilian with an Army unit. During that time, the majority of "heinous" crimes against citizens and residents of Germany were committed by members of the US military or their civilian counterparts. The US housing areas had the highest crime rates because Americans were robbing, raping, and killing their fellow Americans. Several small towns banned American servicemen because of their behavior. Taxi drivers didn't want to pick up servicemen because so many servicemen (primarily Army) had robbed or killed taxi drivers after a night on the town. And this was during a time when the US government hadn't officially sanctioned killing off citizens of a particular country. Now we have troops engaging in acts of torture, carpet bombing cities, and dropping chemical weapons on the residents of Fallujah - without remorse. Surely there are more than a few folks in uniform who would openly brag of raping Iraqi women and bragging about their kills. We have seen plenty of evidency of their widespread abuses, and not just in Iraq.

The military doesn't recruit the best and the brightest. The vast majority of recruits are those who are willing to follow orders. Most kids who score highest on the ASVAB are crossed off the recruiter's list - or at least they were until the US military became desperate for bodies.

While I met some highly intelligent, ethical and compassionate human beings serving in the military, the vast majority were barely capable of cognitive thought. They didn't have the first clue about the world, wouldn't learn the local language and customs, and almost none had knowledge of their own government, their Constitution, or the history of the United States. If they did, they probably wouldn't be serving in the Armed Forces as cannon fodder for corporate interests.

As for the mother whose son is in the military, do you really believe that letters from your child make you an expert on everything that happens in an organization of several million people? I have friends in the military and I write to many soldiers whom I have never met - and some I could never write back to after their vile and racist verbal attacks against the "enemy" they are "liberating" via acts of genocide. Pull your head out of the sand. The truth is the only thing that can bring your son's colleagues home in one piece. An immediate pullout and recompensation to Iraq from every single piece of ^%$#^# scumbag who profits from the war industry
and every!&*#*! scumbag in government who allowed the illegal wars (Afghanistan, too) is the only thing that will quell the violence in Iraq and bring peace to the planet.



In my opinion...I find it hard to beleive that 3 army dudes out for a night on the town after coming back from Iraq, would openly admit to raping women and killing people in Iraq. But It is obvious it probably happened to this poor man... But as for validity of what was actually said by the men whether bluffing or mouthin off about facts! Remains to be said.. Most of the military men are I know in my family and as friends are brash rowdy mofoes... I think they were simply trying to incite this poor guy into a fight or simply trying to impress each other... Words are words... They were meant to hurt and offend this man not true accounts in my opinion.... IF This sort of thing was common place in Iraq there would be more outcry from everyone instead of just one Taxi Driver in the United States who heard about it third person... Lets be REAL here people... THese guys are just assholes... THey are not murdering rapists!... And if this is actually contrary to reality then this site should be able to prove it !! Which is why I am here.... But I hardly consider this anykind of proof... If anything it does more to separate and take an eye for an eye than it does to try and fix any problems here in america.. Shame Shame Shame.... Chain a fools...

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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