Get your priorities "straight"

You know who the "bad" guys really are? People who make excuses instead of owning their own shit. Yeah - let's let poor little itty bitty innocent Free Press do their work. Wrong!
Nice try but only nobody without a clue (maybe you) is going to buy that your lame ass shit. Free Press isn't about media reform - they are about pleasing their funders. Half their panelists sounded like they were making speeches to run for office as democrats, the other half sounded (with a few exceptions) sounded like they were saying all the right things to continue to get liberal funding without challenging anything significant that would meaningfully change people's lives, except to prop up more illusions that something is being done about the evils of the media.

Free Press has followed the age old democrat way to make money - work on liberal issues and look good to all the liberals/keep the image good - but don't really challenge anyone. It's an age old strategy.

You sound very afraid to challenge yourself, and way to caught up in the world of the "experts" who are the problem. We don't need no more "experts" speaking for others - and Free Press hasn't challenged that - only replicated it with liberals.

And we are supposed to accept that cause they are supposed to "care" about us poor marginalized folk. Free Press is full of patronizing arrogant folk who can't see that they are that. Most white folks with money don't. Well, they showed how much they cared, didnt' they.

So get off your arrogant pedastal and do something to challenge yourself to see the DIRECT connections of media issues to police brutality - and help free press do it. I don't think Free Press should ever hold a conference in a city without a Civilian Oversight Board of the Police - or at posh hotels no one can afford and only the wealthy benefit from. Free Press acted in a classist, sexist, racist, imperialistic - the typical white supremacist patriarchal capitalist manner - while working on media issues. Oh yeah - let's all celebrate! We have a conference on the liberal version of how they'd do media - a kinder gentler white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy. Yippee! Same old shit, served a bit different.



"Free Press acted in a classist, sexist, racist, imperialistic - the typical white supremacist patriarchal capitalist manner - while working on media issues."

Tell me that CAPCR([search]) -- with some of its male, controlling leadership living in St. Louis _County_ -- isn't acting the same way in trying to destroy the city's economy. Why won't CAPCR call for boycotts in St. Louis or St. Charles counties, where the deeper pockets of racism are? Why are they asking people not to spend money in the most diverse part of the region? They are jerking us city residents around in the name of political correctness.

Boycotts aren't revolutionary. "Grassroots" organizations lead by suburban men aren't revolutionary. Free Press and CAPCR both are more of the same-old, same-old. They exist to keep their leadership's names in the paper -- classic useless dick-size-counting on the part of everyone in those groups.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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