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informed British sources believe that the recent London Transport bombings may have been the work of far right-wing British terrorists hoping to stir up tensions with the nation's large Muslim population. There are several reasons for this belief. One is that GCHQ and MI-5 intercepts of the communications of Muslim groups in Britain and abroad -- groups suspected of ties to militants -- revealed that targeted individuals and organizations were genuinely surprised at the London bombings. Another is the statement of former Metropolitan London police commissioner Sir John Stevens that the perpetrators were "almost certainly" British.
july-11-12, 2005

November 1, 2005 -- BEIRUT, BERLIN AND WASHINGTON -- WMR has obtained the Confidential version of the Mehlis Report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Mehlis is the Senior Public Prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office in Berlin. He was named Commissioner of the UN International Independent Investigation Commission into the Hariri assassination. Mehlis is a darling of neocons who served in the Reagan administration. It was his investigation of the 1982 La Belle Discotheque bombing in West Berlin that was used as justification by Reagan to launch a 1986 bombing attack on Libya. Mehlis concluded that Libya was behind the attack conveniently at the same time that pro-Israelis in the Reagan administration, including Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Scooter Libby, and others were calling for an attack on Muammar Qaddafi.


The confidential copy indicates that certain information, all of which implicates Syria and pro-Syrian Lebanese officials, was added just before the report was issued. The following is an example of a conclusion seemingly added as an afterthought and based on envisaging a scenario, hardly concrete evidence:

"Building on the findings of the Commission and Lebanese investigations to date and on the basis of the material and documentary evidence collected, and the leads pursued until now, there is converging evidence pointing at both Lebanese and Syrian involvement in this terrorist act. It is a well known fact that Syrian Military Intelligence had a pervasive presence in Lebanon([search]) at the least until the withdrawal of the Syrian forces pursuant to resolution 1559. The former senior security officials of Lebanon were their appointees. Given the infiltration of Lebanese institutions and society by the Syrian and Lebanese intelligence services working in tandem, it would be difficult to envisage a scenario whereby such a complex assassination plot could have been carried out without their knowledge."

WMR has reported in the past on Lebanese intelligence findings that the assassination of Hariri was carried out by a Syrian intelligence cell employed by neo-con circles in Jerusalem and Washington, with the knowledge of senior officials of the White House, including Karl Rove (whose chief foreign policy adviser is Michael Ledeen). The Mehlis Report is suspicious in that although it mentions the 1976 arrival of Syrian peacekeeping forces in Lebanon on the invitation of President Suleiman Franjieh and the 1989 Taif agreement that ended the civil war, it fails to mention President George H. W. Bush's acquiescene to Syria's military occupation of Lebanon in 1991 in return for Syria's military assistance in Operation Desert Storm.

The Mehlis Report contains a number of news items that were previously spun by the neo-con media, including Rupert Murdoch's outlets.

There is also a clear intent in the report to link Palestinians in Lebanon to the Hariri killing, a claim that was rejected by an Australian Police inquiry. Such an attempt bears all the hallmarks of the Likud regime and their allies in Washington. The alleged Palestinian link was contained in a videotape sent to Al Jazzera, in which Abu Adass, who was claimed to be a member of a group never before heard of, Al Nasra Wal Jihad, said he was responsible for the car bomb that killed Hariri. Adass hailed from a Palestinian refugee camp([search]) in Lebanon and was said to have disappeared after crossing into Syria.


Given all the bogus intelligence emanating from the neo cons and their Israeli, British, Italian, and Iraqi allies prior to the invasion of Iraq, the "intelligence" contained in the Mehlis Report, which may have been placed therein by unconfirmed US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton and his staff, makes the charges against Syria highly dubious.

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Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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