Re: US Soldiers in St. Louis Admit to Rape and Murder in Iraq

This stuff doesn't make the "mainstream" news because of a little thing called fact checking..You see, Umar ben-Ivan lee could, and my guess he probably is, making this whole account can we tell if he isn't? Any recordings of the conversation? Names of the "soldiers" so someone else can follow up? Again my guess would be no on both counts. So you see kids, what you have here is a story. True? False? Who knows. I could do the same thing. Gues what, I opened a door at the PETA offices and saw anti-war activists doing unmentionable things to puppies. Prove it untrue.


Fact checking not always possible

Fact checking can't always be done.
While true that checking facts of a story is the best way to add credibility to any story, whether in a journalistic venue or otherwise, what if the nature of the story makes fact-checking impossible? What if the men this taxi driver picked up refused to identify themselves? Indeed I'd expect they'd refuse, so as not to imcriminate themselves. Does that automatically make this story untrue and worth ignoring? US soldiers returning from Vietnam told many similar stories of their misconduct and outright brutal behavior while on tour, so why should rumors of such acts by soldiers in Iraq seem surprising? War is hell, no matter how gingerly the military tries to conduct it or shield its soldiers from it, so events like these are a foregone conclusion.

Check out a web-only feature that the parent company of the local (mainstream) paper Riverfront Time is running about soldiers exchanging for porn grotesque pictures (with captions) of themselves with dead Iraqs:

Again, given the nature of the source material, no extensive fact-checking is apparent in this story, other than the possibility to identify soldiers' faces photographed. I personally see many similarities in the war-hardened attitudes of the soldiers represented in both of these stories. Not the same as fact-checking, but an ounce more believability.

Don't get out much?

"It's a war," said Cpl. Nicholas Bogert, 22, of Morris, NY. Bogert is a mortar team leader who directed his men to fire round after round of high explosives and white phosphorus charges into the city Friday and Saturday, never knowing what the targets were or what damage the resulting explosions caused. They say they have never seen what they've hit, nor did they talk about it as they dusted off their breakfast and continued their hilarious routine of personal insults and name-calling.

If Nick & his buddies are knowingly using a weapon of mass destruction on the population of a city and admitting it, if there are over 550,000 registered sex offenders in the USA, and if the number of unregistered sex offenders in the USA is somewhere between 2 to 5 million, then why do you find it hard to accept the statistical certainty that many of the 161,000 US troops in Iraq are engaging in activity such as is described here. Are you one of those people who only believes what you personally witness? If so then you aren't qualified to be in a discussion where it is necessary for you to actually think about what is going on in the world around you, or to even comment about what is going on in the world.

Re: Re: US Soldiers in St. Louis Admit to Rape and Murder in Iraq

Ha!!! Great point and VERY true. What continues this country to be in turmoil are the ridiculous stories that circulate and then the less than average IQ'd individuals believing it hookline and sinker. Get your head out of your ass America and remember what we are fighting for over there. Granted, there are probably some bad guys doing bad things but that is relevent and evident in our own neighborhoods here. At least those guys are doing something meanwhile and not selling dope or turning tricks starting gang fights or setting bombs.

two questions for you, if you would be so kind

are you seriously equating "some bad guys doing bad things" as part of the occupying forces in an illegal invasion & aggession against what was the sovereign nation of iraq w/ "some bad guys doing bad things" "in our own neighborhoods here"?

and, in the interest of understanding your observation WRT "less than average IQ'd individuals believing" "ridiculous stories" "hookline and sinker", what do you believe "we are fighting for over there"?

an honest response would be appreciated. thanks.

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