Re: Mike's WebNews Summary, 9/22/05

recommend listening to seymour hersh talk at

direct link to audio file

hersh starts 5:30 in

no transcript available
some points he made:

* Six weeks ago there was a putsch in Mauritania. Hersh says the United States did initiate and supported the coup.

* The rendition process, to vanish people and deliver them to some torture place in this world or worse, is still going on. Hersh calls it Murder Incorporated and thinks it recently even accelerated.

* The success in the North Korea negotiation has been made with throwing a lot of US money at the problem. Hersh says he has been told four weeks ago, that a deal has to be done with North Korea to clear the deck for the obligations towards Israel([search]).

* A deal has been made between the US administration and Israel's Prime Minister Sharon. To keep Sharon in the game in Gaza([search]) the US administration promised to take care of Israel's assumed biggest strategic danger - Iranian nuclear weapons (if there are such).

* Pakistan is developing small nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, essentially at landmine size, transportable. Pakistan is protecting OBL. Pakistani hardcore leadership is afraid they will be next after Iran.

* Shinseki was seen as a "witch" by the the Neocons because he broke out of the Neocon cult.

* The government is off-the-books. They don´t trust the CIA. They are using private contractors with ex-CIA folks who don´t have the legal obligations the CIA has.

* There is plenty off-the-book money the administration is spending with congress eager to look the other way. There are billions from the Iraqi oil deals and $3 billions of Saddam's personal money. This time, there is no need for something like an Iran-Contra deal.

* If you need to "drink the Kool-Aid to get into the White House" - Negroponte is the one "mixing the Kool-Aid". He has direct access and control over the CIA station chiefs without a need to use the chain of command.

and check this out

'U.S. tampering with the scene of the Kam Air Boeing 737 crash east of Kabul in February 2005. The cockpit voice recorder for that flight was never found (at least officially), and the flight recorder mysteriously was found to have malfunctioned, being blank for the 25 hours preceding the crash. It seems highly likely that two CIA personel were aboard the flight (one of the victims was identified in the reports I have seen only as a "navy captain", while other US citizens were identified by name).'

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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