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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Activists and the homeless prepare for September 1st battle with police for Hobo Park

Hobo Park (officially Lucas Park) lies in the shadow of Washington Avenue development and is about to disappear from the landscape of few public places available to the homeless who refuse to be forced into mainstream shelters. Hobo Park has a rich history as a refuge to The St. Louis Homeless population. “Ferrell�, a park regular commented, “I have been here for the better part of fifteen years. This has always been a place where homeless people can just chill out. This has basically been a park were no crime happened. Just people looking for a place to kill time and avoid being treated like children in the traditional homeless facilities in this city�

Several park residents commented that they believe that September 1st will be the big showdown between the homeless and the police, which have become an occupying force to many of this city’s residents.

[What's Up Magazine]

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Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights : Housing and Development

Corporate media on the homeless

Lately the corporate media have mentioned the homeless more than usual.

A day or two before the Straussenfest "corporate party for middle-class drunks", the corporate media interviewed Larry Rice about the status of homeless people in the area. We know Mr. Rice has his own agenda and it could easily be said he's exploiting the homeless for his own gains, but he obviously did more than the "all talk, no action" IMC posters who just bickered without doing anything. If anyone here actually did something at the homeless park this past weekend, feel free to post about it.

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Announcement :: Civil and Human Rights

Jerome White-Bey and the MPLU

jerome white-bey.jpg
Jerome White-Bey, President of the Missouri Prisoner’s Labor Union (MPLU), needs your help. Jerome wishes to file a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Corrections (MoDOC) for violations of various constitutional rights.

Confluence Article [The Road to Prison: the Life of Jerome White-Bey]

jerome white-bey.jpg

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News :: Economy and Trade

Midwest Says No More G8- Report Back from KC G8 Mobilization

The Heartland G-8 anti-capitalist mobilization drew roughly 50-75 people from various places in the mid-west including people from Arkansas, Des Moines, St. Louis, and Kansas (and others). It was held in Kansas City, Mo with a diversity of groups from KC there to stand together in opposition to the G8 (Group 8) and the Free-Market principles it represents.

Pictures [1 | 2 | 3]

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News :: Art and Culture

The Great Rivers Greenway District Public Forum

To kick off the redesign and renewal of the riverfront, the Hok Planning Group presented its redevelopment plans to the public. The full presentation began at 6, led by William (Bill) D. Burke, Vice President. He spent some time supplying attendants with a history of the riverfront, from the time when the Native Americans were the only human beings in the region to now when the riverfront is primarily a tourist locale and then an event venue.

What is Great Rivers Greenway's mission? Great Rivers Greenway work for a clean, green, connected St. Louis region. To achieve its mission, the district is developing The River Ring, an interconnected system of greenways, parks and trails.

Links [The Great Rivers Greenway | FAQs about The Great Rivers Greenway | Bike St. Louis]

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

PrideFest 2005

PrideFest 2005 occurred this weekend, June 25th and 26th. The heat was unbearable, the humidity worse. The theme this year was “Come Alive in 2005.� Efforts were made to encourage a more political mindedness, the PrideFest Committee put together various forums, which were available to attend throughout the weekend about various aspects of the GLBT political gamut, though I did not attend any of these. Like many attendants, I was unbearably warm and moist and craving air conditioning more than political dialogue this weekend.

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News :: General

Metro Holds Public Hearing in East St. Louis on Fare Increases

The Metro conducted its East St. Louis public hearing on a proposed fare increase for the MetroLink, MetroBus, and Call-A-Ride. Todd Plesko, Chief of Planning and System Development, began the meeting explaining Metro’s analysis and laying out the fare increase schedule for all attendants.

Diesel costs, normal inflation, and budget balance were laid to blame for the proposed fare increases. Mr. Plesko explained that other measures were taken before fare increases were considered. Following his explanation, he invited those in attendance to speak up one by one, standing in the front of the room, with their concerns and comments.

Links [Description of Fare Increase | Post Article]

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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Report from La Paz, Bolivia

Carlos "Charles" Jove has provided Latin music and culture for years on KDHX's Alma Latina program. He is currently in La Paz, Bolivia, (his home country) witnessing the people's rebellion. Thousands are demanding that oil be nationalized and the whole populous benefit from oil sales instead of a few corporations. Read more about the uprising at Global Indymedia

Videos from Paul and Carlos Jove: [June 6 | June 7]


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Announcement :: Media

The Allied Media Conference

The Allied Media Conference is right around the corner: June 17-19.
This is the 7th year that hundreds of zinesters, radio pirates, copwatchers, podcasters, community journalists, hip hop heads, librarians and more will be gathering in Bowling Green, Ohio. If you're building alternative media, you should be there, too.

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News :: Military : Protests and Vigils

Two Arrested for digging graves at Mizzou ROTC

(from KC-IMC) Columbia, Missouri: Steve and Lana Jacobs, members of the St. Francis Catholic Worker community that shelters the homeless and runs a local soup kitchen were arrested today by University of MIssouri police for digging graves on the lawn of the university's ROTC building.

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News :: Crime and Police

St. Louis Police intend to use hidden surveillance cameras at fair and who knows where else.

The St. Louis Police Department has announced its intentions to install “spies in the skies� over crowds at Fair St. Louis this year. These are sophisticated remote controlled cameras. The technology was first used to violate the rights of those attending St. Louis Mardi Gras. The cameras will be mounted high on utility poles around the event and controlled wirelessly from vehicles where the images will be transmitted.

Other Resources [Corporate Media Report | NYC IMC | New York Surveillance Camera Players | New York Surveillance Camera Project]


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News :: Protests and Vigils

Fighting Racism in Cape Girardeau,Mo

In July 2004, I lost my mother, my best friend to blatant discrimination and negligence from a very oppressed and racist hospital. After several attempts of trying to resolve this matter peacefully with the hospital, all efforts where ignored. So on March 26,2005 my family along with the National Alliance of Black Panthers gathered in front of St. Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, Mo to protest in a peaceful manner. We wanted to shed light on the past events of racism and un-fair treatment of African Americans, as well as Minority Medicaid recipients.

A call to action to converge upon the small racist town of Cape Girardeau on June 25, 2005 at the St. Francis Medical Center located at 211 St. Francis Dr. 11:00am for a protest against their discriminatory practices against Blacks and people on medicare. Calling all activists, concerned citizens and those people who will stand against racism and oppression in the state of Missouri.

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