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News :: Military : Protests and Vigils : Right-wing politics

Occupation Project STL Occupies Carnahan's Office, Similar Demos Nationwide

The St. Louis delegation of the nationwide nonviolent anti-war campaign Occupation Project staged two demonstrations [1, 2, 3] this week at US Rep Russ Carnahan's office in Brentwood, just days after the project was launched. The latter rally this afternoon lead to arrests of 7 members, and all were released on bail by the evening [AP story]. As per their press release, the protesters returned to the office (located at Manchester and Brentwood) to secure a public commitment from Rep. Carnahan to vote against all future funding for the Iraq war. While in the office, the protesters read aloud the Litany of the Dead, names of Iraqis killed by violence under the US occupation.

More: IOW Page | Occupation Project STL | OPSTL Affinity Meeting 2/10 | Flyer | Video: 1, 2


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News :: Code PINK : Military : Protests and Vigils

Mother of Marine Rejects Preferential Treatment for Son: Continues to Challenge US Congress

Tina Richards and son Cloy are indefatigable Missouri peace activists in a time of escalating war. They accompanied hundreds of other active military families and veterans to the forefront of Saturday's 500k-person peace march in Washington DC. (DC-IMC, US IMC). Upon learning on 1/30 Cloy was called for a 3rd deployment to Iraq (the backdoor draft), Tina chose to stay in DC to take the fight directly to Congress. His deployment is now unlikely, because of Tina's action, but the Richards do not want preferential treatment. They continue to stand up for “the thousands of other soldiers and marines facing this draft, disrupting their families and futures.”

More: [IOW Page] | [Donate to Tina Richard's fund] | [The Occupation Project, starting 2/5/07] | [Occupation Project (local IOW page)]


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Announcement :: Code PINK : Military : Protests and Vigils

Update: MO Marine risks redeployment after he, mom protest in DC

Tina Richards and her Marine son Cloy need your help for them and for all families being destroyed by this war. Cloy served two horrific tours in Iraq (read/listen here) and now is back home in Salem MO, attending college, rebuilding his life. Tina and Cloy, with many hundreds of other active military families and veterans, were in the forefront of Saturday's huge peace march in Washington DC. Now the Marines want to redeploy Cloy. Because of his medical conditions and Tina's advocacy, it does not seem likely that they will actually redeploy him. But there are thousands of other soldiers and marines facing this back-door draft, disrupting their families and futures.

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Announcement :: Code PINK : Protests and Vigils : Right-wing politics

CODEPINK/Instead of War Sends Convoy to DC

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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Protests and Vigils

Pics from St. Louis MLK Day March 2007

Pictures of the 2007 March have been posted to the STLIMC Media Gallery. Thanks go out to the photographer who brought us these images.


News :: Civil and Human Rights : Military : Protests and Vigils

STL Activist with ISM in Palestine Sends Reports

A St. Louis activist, "Anna," known to many of us, sent me the following accounts and photos of Occupied Palestine:

Yesterday I awoke to find a fellow ISMer shouting, "everyone wake up! Incursion in Askar!" … We rushed to a taxi and then into Askar refugee camp. The air was filled with smoke. We heard sporadic gunfire and suddenly the taxi driver stopped. He looked at us as if he was ashamed of his fear. He said he could go no further…


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News :: Protests and Vigils : Right-wing politics

Activists (and Rain) Drown Out St. Louis-Based White Supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens in Jackson, Michigan

Anti-racist activists have reported to Media Mouse that the St. Louis, MO-based white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist group with origins in the segregationist White Citizens’ Councils of the south and active recently in Grand Rapids, were effectively disrupted in Jackson, Michigan by the combined presence of a large number of anti-racists and rain. The Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens scheduled the first of two rallies it plans in the state in order to build support for the passage of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) 7/30/06 in Jackson. Anti-racist activists report that they showed up shortly before 2:00pm to the Council’s “Anti-Affirmative Action Rally” to find that the fifteen anti-racists essentially matched the small crowd of Council of Conservative Citizens members and their supporters and the group was consequently easily able to halt the scheduled proceedings of the rally.

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News :: Military : Protests and Vigils

North Dakota: Clowns (One from St. Louis) Sabotage Nuclear Warhead

In a direct act of protest against nuclear weapons on the morning of 20 June, Carl Kabat, a Roman Catholic Priest from St. Louis, and Gregory Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli, two Veterans, went to a Minuteman III silo in North Dakota and sabotaged the silo with hammers. They also put paint and their own blood on the missile lid.

More Info: Jonah House | "Democracy Now" coverage 6-21 | MP3 Interview with Kabat | Clowns convicted

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News :: Gender and Sexuality : Protests and Vigils

Transgender guerrilla performers crash Venus Envy

A guerrilla performance troupe descended upon Venus Envy in the St. Louis Center on 4-15-2006 to highlight the event organizers' lack of a fair transgender policy. The performers staged a tongue-in-cheek freak/fashion show, complete with barker wearing top-hat and tails, highlighting the gender ambiguity of each “freak.”

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News :: Immigration : Protests and Vigils

5,000 at St. Louis Immigrant Rights March

Today, St. Louis joined the national outcry against HR4437. Demonstrators assembled downtown in Kiener Plaza earlier this evening, carrying flags and banners with messages like “Ningun ser humano es ilegal: No human being is illegal.” A wide array of speakers, including Archbishop Raymond Burke, addressed a packed arena sharing a message of determination for immigrant families.

More Info: April 10 Mobilization | New America Opportunity Campaign | US Indymedia | No HR4437 Network


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Announcement :: Protests and Vigils

Anti-war Assembly at Forest Park on March 19th

On Sunday March 19, 2-4p, St. Louis Instead of War is hosting an assembly in the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park on the 3rd Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq. There will be food provided by Food Not Bombs, panel speakers, art, poetry, music and other displays highlighting the human costs of the war. Download the flyer in color or in black & white.

Update 3-15: There is now contact info for artists contributing to the assembly. Read on for more.


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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Gender and Sexuality : Local politics : Media : Protests and Vigils

64/40 Exodus Billboard Modified!

Billboard modified in response to anti-GLBT conference...

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