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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Protests and Vigils

Pics from St. Louis MLK Day March 2007

Pictures of the 2007 March have been posted to the STLIMC Media Gallery. Thanks go out to the photographer who brought us these images.


Announcement :: Civil and Human Rights : Crime and Police

CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

The St. Louis Police have shot another young man. Citizens investigating the case have declared it murder. They say witnesses dispute the police account that Jeremy Robinson drew a gun and was shot in "self defense". These witnesses say that Jeremy was on the ground, hands flat, when the officer shot him in the back. This officer then turned him over and shot him again. They believe they saw him drop a gun next to the body to justify his actions.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Housing and Development

StL Equal Housing Funding Cuts

Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council Suffers Federal Funding Cuts, a severe blow to their ability to fight housing discrimination. For the first time since 1996, EHOC will not be receiving funding through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP).


Interview :: Civil and Human Rights : Economy and Trade : Environment

CONFLUENCE: India and the Battle Against Biotechnology: Anuradha Mittal Interview

Anuradha Mittal is the director of the Oakland Institute, a California-based research and education institution. She is an expert on trade, agriculture and development in India (her native country) and globally. Confluence had a chance to talk to her at the Reclaim the Commons events last April.

See Related: GM Cotton Disaster in India


News :: Civil and Human Rights : Military : Protests and Vigils

STL Activist with ISM in Palestine Sends Reports

A St. Louis activist, "Anna," known to many of us, sent me the following accounts and photos of Occupied Palestine:

Yesterday I awoke to find a fellow ISMer shouting, "everyone wake up! Incursion in Askar!" … We rushed to a taxi and then into Askar refugee camp. The air was filled with smoke. We heard sporadic gunfire and suddenly the taxi driver stopped. He looked at us as if he was ashamed of his fear. He said he could go no further…


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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Gender and Sexuality : Local politics : Media : Protests and Vigils

64/40 Exodus Billboard Modified!

Billboard modified in response to anti-GLBT conference...

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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Food Not Bombs is Back in Business after Lull in Activity

Food not Bombs is currently active in St. Louis again and is serving in Lucas Park on Fridays at noon. Lucas Park is located on 14th and Locust, in an increasingly gentrified part of downtown in which the homeless population are under constant assault by the police and the arbitrary power of the capitalist housing market.

[St. Louis Food not Bombs website | Food Not Bombs Needs Donations]

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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Thousands Remember Martin Luther King's Legacy in St. Louis

Several hundred people gathered Monday morning on January 16th in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis to honor Dr. King's life and work for racial and economic justice. The diverse crowd not only wished to remember King's work but also promote the fact that much of what he fought for still must be resolved in this racially and economically divided military state.

Earlier in the week, several hundred people attended an event at Harris Stowe State University to hear Civil Rights Activist Andrew Young. Multi-cultural dancers, musicians, and singers were also included in the ceremony.

Read the St. Louis American [St. Louis's 36th Annual MLK Day | All in the name of MLK]

Pictures [1 | 2 | 3]


Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights : Housing and Development

A Weekend of Anti-Racist Activism

Curtis Muhammad.jpg
How does one organize in an anti-racist way? How do we illustrate the systemic racism and classism that exist within our society? These questions were several of many questions addressed this weekend at three events organized by Jobs with Justice, The Organization for Black Struggle, and the St. Louis Instead of War Coalition.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Environment

Peabody Energy’s Crimes: Part I

Looking at the St. Louis Coal Company’s Destruction in Arizona and Appalachia.

Peabody Energy is the largest coal company in the United States. It is based in St. Louis and is an honored member of the city’s corporate community. It claims to be a responsible corporate citizen, boasting on its website about the distinctions it has received for land reclamation, environmental stewardship, and safety standards. However, if one visits the coal fields of Arizona or Appalachia a different story is told. A story which gives an image of Peabody the company would rather not brag about; an image of an irresponsible coal corporation that seeks profit at the undeniable expense of the land and its people.

Resistance Groups [Illinois Can Do Better - Conservation | Black Mesa Trust | Black Mesa Indigenous Support]

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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Five St. Louis Protesters Arrested Outside Aero Contractors Ltd

On Friday, November 18, a group of peace activists from St. Louis, North Carolina, and Chicago entered the property and Aero Contractors near Smithfield, NC, to deliver an indictment of their illegal activities. The indictment accuses Aero of providing planes and pilots for the CIA's program of extraordinary rendition that flies terror suspects to locations where they will likely be tortured.

Read more details at the Stop Torture Now website here.


News :: Civil and Human Rights : Protests and Vigils

Marlin Gray Executed

Despite appeals to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and the U.S. Supreme Court, Marlin Gray was the fifth man to be executed by lethal injection in the State of Missouri this year.

Over 70 people gathered outside of College Church at SLU last night to show support for Gray and against the death penalty. Many of those people drove to stand outside the prison after the vigil.

[Pictures | List of those executed since 1989]

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